Tales From The ER-This Week

Due to the Daughter being struck by extremely high fever just 2 weeks after the birth of the boy baby I sit once again in the local ER.

Let me tell you, it is an entirely different tale from a week ago when I had an altogether positive experience with the local medical staff providing emergency care.

Tonight we pulled in the parking lot around 8 p.m.   I apologize for anyone this may offend but I am going to be quite honest.  The first word out of my mouth was:


Parking lot is full.   Then we approach the receptionist.   She actually tried to discourage us from getting our medical emergency addressed.   She said “I’m telling you now, it’s going to be a 3 hour wait just in the waiting room”.

I’m telling you now, 3 hours and fifteen minutes later, she did not lie.

She continued though to at least ask the problem.  She expressed her concern about the wait again.  I told her that we think we need to wait.   The daughter’s fever is 103.   She is chilled.  She likely has an infection that can not wait until Monday to call a doctor’s office to make an appointment and hope to get in before Friday.

She then chastised us for not bringing the 2 week old baby to the ER to sit for three hours that she didn’t think we should sit here for anyway.   She felt Daughter should have 2 week old baby in the ER so the baby could nurse, for Daughter’s comfort.   I pointed out the ER is not a good place for a 2 week old baby.  She said it would have made Daughter feel better.


WE enter the waiting room.


Brain stated quietly and internally:   SHIT.

We sit.

There is a young girl, maybe 10 to 12 years old.  She is wearing a mask.  She likely has whooping cough.   Her paternal figure has no desire to reign her in.  For the last three hours she has meandered about.   Touching all of the vending machines, sitting in various chairs.  Generally circulating among the paranoid public.

I kept telling Daughter to turn her face to me and breath my air.

Overheard so far during this excursion in health care:

1.  I wish my mom would have cut out my tongue.

2.   He’s crazy as a loon and should be in a home not the prison.

3.  Yeah they kicked me out of this hospital before.  Yeah I got my cell phone but my ribs are cracked.  Yeah this hospital can’t give narcotic prescriptions anymore.   I need something.  They gave me one vicodin to help now.  What’s going to help later?  It’s okay, my dad’s a dealer, he’ll get me some.   Hahaha.

4.  Mom I could really use a cup of hot tea right now.   (Of course the only normal request/comment is from the Daughter).

5.  Well I was glad to hear they started sleeping together.   I told her not to.  But next thing you know they was.

6.  Oh what’s his name just went to prison didn’t he?  Now we understand him better don’t we?

7.  Oh pretty pretty butt.

8.  You shouldn’t be ashamed to wear your glasses.   Because they are hideous.

9.  How does she look?   Oh she looks about dead.   Really?  Okay.

How many pairs of pajama pants being worn out in public as an acceptable outfit:    17

How many stained sweatshirts:   19 (sadly Daughter is guilty of this).

How many parents bringing their child to the ER for what appears to be legitimate concerns but wishing they had ER for “normal” people:    2.      Me and the guy across from me with his young son who looks like he got bit by a spider and his face is swelling and turning purple.   For real.

How many other people who thought ahead and brought their laptop:   1

How many other people who had their laptop charged so they could use it:  0

How many cups of coffee I’ve had since getting here:    0   .     I am afraid to touch the vending machines Whooping Cough Girl was pushing the buttons on.

How much patience I have left:   NONE.

Until I look at Daughter and she looks so sad and miserable.


Sorry about the cussing.  Though I suspect you would be saying the same thing.

Follow Up:   nurse who comes to get us over 4 hours later says “oh I was hoping you weren’t sitting out here all this time with a newborn!”   I told her we didn’t  think it was a good idea to bring a newborn to the ER.   She told me I was correct but would be surprised at home many people do it.   Do I want to go point this out to receptionist lady?   Yes.  I do.   But I won’t.   But Daughter and I feel much better about our wisdom.

Follow UP II:  the doctor was incredibly nice.  Very good at explaining everything.   Very patient with her, didn’t rush.    She is very sick but he is getting her the medicines and expects her to start feeling better in about 2 days.  Whew!    Good thing we didn’t walk out on the three hour wait.   It was worth the four plus hour wait to get this taken care of.   Thank you ER staff for the care.   Thank you ER waiting room for the entertainment.  

13 thoughts on “Tales From The ER-This Week

    • Thank you Anonymous! At least we have been taken back to a “room”. She has 3 blankets on her, is freezing and chilled to the bone. But she might doze off if I remain quiet. And I am. I am watching over her.


    • They did NOT take any samples which kind of upset me. They told her not to eat or drink anything once she got in the ER, in case they wanted to take a urine sample. I have NO idea what kind of sense that made. But after 3 hours she was parched and I told her she WAS going to drink, I outranked them!


      I know, if she had waited until Monday she would have been so much worse. And 103 is bad enough!!!!


  1. unbelievable and yet so entertaining~laughed out loud at the computer charging quip! You must have enjoyed that! So glad you’re feeling better Ness. Not happy at all about the lack of labs–just throw antibiotics at them, I mean, what could POSSIBLY happen with irresponsible prescribing of antibiotics? It’s not like bacteria could become resistant or anything…oh….wait…


    • She is better, but still soooooooooooo tired! Hahaha, glad you caught that! 😉 If you’d of heard the woman talking and just as natural as saying God Bless You to a sneezer she just throws in a “oh pretty pretty butt”. Among a few extremely bizarre comments that were too inapproriate and satanic to put here!


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