When I Can’t I Will Anyway

I believe a lot of things about myself.  Things that  aren’t necessarily true.  Most people are kind enough to not lead me astray of my disillusions.   So even when I can’t do something – I do it anyway.   It’s how I roll.

Today I will tell you about my artistic ability.

I decided long long ago that I was artistically creative.  I just have not found the right outlet to express it.

Though I’ve tried.

I can’t draw.    Or paint.  Or sculpt.   Or knit.   Or do anything you can recognize with play-doh.   I can’t sketch.   I can’t calligraphy.   I can’t build furniture.   I can’t even scrap book.   I want so badly to do these things.   It’s just that I do them all badly.

So I’m on to something else.  I actually started last winter but had to put it all away for some summer activities.    But with darkness descending on us ever quicklier (my word, dibs) I have time to go back to it.

If a paint brush, pencil, knitting needles, pens and playdoh aren’t working for me it’s time to put knives in my hands.   And power tools.

Yes, knives, dremels, wood-burning utensils.   In my hands.

Because I am determined to create something.   Something beautiful.

I can’t give it away.  Well, actually, I will be giving it away.  I just can’t tell you what I’m doing.

With Christmas just around the corner you can all rest assured I will be gifting you all with my creativity.

So, those of you wondering what I will be buying you for Christmas you can be super excited now because I am making your presents!  I know, I know, you are excited.  I don’t blame you.

All this anticipation now.

Finally, my art ….  will be expressed.

Lucky you.

You can start thanking me now.

You’re welcome.