A Letter To The Man

Dear God,

Just wanted to say a few things.  I know you’re busy.  But I also know you have time for me.  You’ve made that pretty clear.

I have to be honest, I don’t know how good a job I’m doing down here.  I’m thinking I’m doing okay.  Until I compare myself to how I could be doing better!  Your Boy set a pretty good example.   I know I fail by comparison.  But, then again, being the kinda guy He is, I know He just wants me to keep trying.

So I do.

I also wanted to thank you for some of those other folks down here.  Every where I turn I have someone who can better explain those things You keep trying to teach us.   Between me and You, You’d think we’d get it by now.   I suppose everyone trying to take Your words and twist them around to suit what they want to say doesn’t help.   Liking to write myself,  I suppose I know what I meant when I wrote something.  And that’s all I meant.   I appreciate it meaning other things to so many people.  But when it comes to my own thoughts and feelings, I meant what I said.   So, I just kinda like to take Your word as, You know, Your word.  So thanks for surrounding me with people who get the basic meaning of Your word.

I also gotta say…You really nailed it with this love thing.   The older I get the more I appreciate it.  It really is what matters most.  Who would of thought it doesn’t matter what kind of car I drive or what kind of jeans I wear!   Well, okay, I always kind of got that.  But I have to admit sometimes I let those other things matter too much.   Just want You to know…. I hear Ya’ loud and clear now!  I think I got it.   I’m sorry that sometimes I like stuff.   But I get that the stuff isn’t what’s important.

I think I figured it out.   What does matter, here, I mean.   It’s the relationships.  The give and take between me and those I love.  And honestly, I guess it means the give and take between me and people I don’t love, or even know.   What I do and who I am may affect many, whether I know them or not.  So I guess I ought to be a little more careful of what I do and say.   Because it goes out there doesn’t it?

It’s fast approaching that time of year where we all give thanks.  I hope I’ve done better at thanking You every day.  I found it’s kind of a nice way to go to sleep.   Saying thanks for all of the good in my day.   Yeah, sorry about falling asleep most of the time during that.   But sometimes I just have so much to be thankful for I run out of staying awake time to get through it all.

Anyway, I hope You have a great day.   It’s going to be another good one here.   I’ve got lots to do and lots of people to talk with today.   Haha…. you know what they say about ‘idle hands’.   Don’t need any of that aggravation!

Thanks for the moment.

Give my love to everyone else please!

Chow main (hahaha I hope you get that, it’s what I say when I say good-bye).