What WOuld You Keep Just The Way It Is?

It’s always about change isn’t it?

Everyone wants different.  Everyone wants better.   Our homes, our cars, everything in our lives.  Even ourselves.  We are all bombarded with how to make our lives better.   

We want to be different, not the same in some way, we want more, or less, of ourselves.

In honor of us and things to be thankful for I thought maybe we could celebrate the things about ourselves that we are most happy about.   If we constantly look at what we want different and this makes us unhappy, why not look at what we want to keep the same because by theory that should make us happy.  Right?  Sure, I think I’m on to something here.

I’ll start us off.   And forgive me for seeming a bit pretentious.  It’s not what I’m aiming for here.   I’m aiming for self worth.  Happiness.   And gratitude.

Well I guess I’ll start with my eyes.   Big and brown and beautiful.   I like ’em just the way they are.  Sorry, I think I’m channeling a little Selena here!

I like my hair.  Dark.  With some stunning silver high lights.  It use to be very long, thick and luxurious.    Now it’s short, thick and sassy  spiky.




I like my hands.  I don’t have a reason.  I just do.

I like my ears.   Again no reason, no good one, I think I like them because they seem to fit my head just fine.

I like my feet, probably because they seem to be doing a good job of holding me up.

I like my eyebrows.  Probably because they seem to frame my eyes pretty good.

I like my muscles!  How can I not?

I love my singing voice …. when no one else is around to hear it.  Because let me tell you, I can rock it like no other rock star when I’m alone!   For some reason it just sounds it’s best at those times.

I really like my friends.   All of ’em.   Especially those ones (proper grammar?  I’m sure not!) who suddenly drop a word in my ear that I needed and without needing to ask for it, there it is!   Or  a note in my mailbox.   Or a call on my phone.  Requests to visit.  Calls for lunch.   A fresh bagel in the morning.  I’m not wanting to get rid of any of them, or change them in any way.

I’m pretty fond of my family.   All 32, 975 of them.   And counting.   Parents.  Siblings.  Aunts. Uncles.  Cousins.  In Laws.  I’m overwhelmed with luck when it comes to the family department.   I would never want them to change.

Not to mention my own specialized versions of children and great children.  I’m pretty sure I like keeping them all just the way they are.   And how exactly are they?   Mine.   All mine.

Husband!  Yeah, no more changing there!   🙂  I’ll keep him just the way he is.   A little inside joke.   Kind of.   I remind myself of Ross from “Friends”.   Some of you may get this.   If you get this you win 5 BILLION BONUS points.   The points are worthless but for the appreciation I will have for you for knowing this.

Yes, my humor.   I’ll keep it just the way it is.   The point of my humor is to keep me  laughing, even if no one else gets it (me).

When I look at me and what I wouldn’t change about me, it seems the things I wish were different seem less significant.  And then I feel more grateful.   My list could go on and on.

But I’m hoping to hear what it is about you that you would not change.  I’d really like to know.   Please share?

If you can’t think of anything you want to keep the same, let me know, and I’ll share with you something I hope you never change about you.   Because I like that about you.   Just the way you are.