Someone Made A Video Of My Words

Roughly 10,151 miles away from me (thank you distance calculator) someone read my words.  Just a couple thousand miles shy of “half way around the world”.   But it’s still pretty darn far from me.   She got my words.

She felt my words.

She took my words.

And made a video.

How WOW is this?

She is Noeleen.   She is powerful in all that she does.

Her blog is :

And if you click right HERE you can see her expressing my words.

She is reading my “I Am Not Ashamed” blog.

It’s a new experience for me.  Having all of you comment back to me on blogs is incredible.  And I love the feedback.   I love the communication it starts, the feelings it evokes.  But I never really had any idea how someone interprets my words.  It was emotional (for obvious reasons) but to “see” and “hear” someone else’s interpretation.   The voice inflections, the emphasis.

Well, this is Noeleen’s time, her feelings, her work.  And I so appreciate all that she put in to this.

Thank you Noeleen.

I hope you all check her out.


6 thoughts on “Someone Made A Video Of My Words

    • She did Chris, ask me first I mean. She made another video of a mix of other writer’s work. People seemed to really enjoy it. I am so flattered she did this. And so amazed by the job she did.


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