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Lazy Friend

When it comes to being a phenomenal friend, I pretty much suck at it.   Pardon the very lax language.  But I think that sums it up.

(Personal Note To Tyker:   disregard this blog.  It has a point.)

For the rest of you I am just facing my facts.

We all have friends who are amazingly organized, they manage everything with what appears to us to be little effort.   Meanwhile of course they only sleep twenty minutes a night and never stop the coffee drip in to their veins.

I am not one of them.

I forget birthdays.   So cards don’t get sent.  Quite honestly, and very ashamedly, Face Book reminds me of most of the birthdays in my life.  And then half the time I don’t even see that little blurp up in the right hand corner.  I usually see someone else’s “happy birthday” post come across my screen.

I will never remember your anniversary.   I’m lucky to remember mine.  And I don’t know that I can actually remember the year.   (Husband, disregard that, I say that only to emphasize a point.   I do  remember the year.   I swear.)

I will forget to send out cards.  Get Well.   Sympathy.  Congratulations.  Happy Whatever.  Thinking About You.   Miss You.  Welcome Baby.  The list is endless.  I don’t do cards well.

And I’m sorry.

I can’t blame it on age and forgetting.  Or busy lifestyle.   It’s just how I am.  I do forget.  But it’s not an age thing, which by the way, forgetting is not  a norm of aging.   Just thought I’d share that with you because I do remember that.

I have friends and family who never forget a birthday.  Anniversary or any of the above mentioned card requiring moments.  They have little gifts for little occasions, big gifts for big occasions.  Thoughtfulness pours out of their every movement.  And I admire them.

So very much.   Because I can not imagine the effort they put in to such things.  I tell myself I will do such things.  Then I forget.

I feel I’m a generous sort of person.   And thoughtful, just very lazy about my thoughtfulness.  If you’re with me I like to buy your lunch.   If I go to see you I wanna bring junk food to eat with you.   If you wanna learn to ride a bike, I’ve got your back and will gladly assist.  If you wanna go kayaking, count me in.   If you need someone to talk to, text to, or email I’m here to listen, type or type.

I think part of me being a good friend is admiring the good things you do.  As a friend, as a person.   So for all of you card sending, remembering important moment people….I applaud you.   I admire you.   Maybe my part of being a good friend also includes being just the way I am.  I mean, if we were all great at sending cards and remembering these things, it wouldn’t be as touching that you do these things.   So ….. really I guess I am being just as thoughtful as you.

I just get to be the lazy one.

Somebody has to do it.

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