Junior Editor

I needed a little help with this today.

And there was only one little hand willing to reach out to help me.

And it helped a lot.

Last week he said he wouldn’t write for me again.   Or maybe it was I shouldn’t expect him to write for me all of the time.   I don’t.   But it’s nice to have help on some days.

He didn’t contribute too much.   Just enough actually.

He’s helping me he just doesn’t know it yet.  We had some creative differences and he yelled at me.


But I got over it.   Usually if someone yells at me I have a difficult time dealing with it.   I am pretty sensitive.   But  all’s good.  Sometimes you have to have disagreements to get the best results.


I appreciate the kind of help he gave me today.   Sometimes this is the only kind of help, you need.

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