No Skill Gift

I did not think life could get any better.

Then I got an early Christmas present.

Which means all of you who were anticipating what I would buy you for Christmas?   You can just go ahead and toss the mediocre hopes you had right out the window.

That’s right.

You can anticipate something better.

Because of the fantastic gift  I  received you can all start anticipating something you had no idea you could or would get.

You will get the gift of my imagination.

And add that to …..

my total of 17 minutes of skill building experience on my brand new scroll saw  for what I anticipate to be an even grander gift than what I was making a couple of weeks ago.  You know, back when I was just using sharp knives and hand saw type things.

Let me very clear on what you can expect:

I have no skill with tools.

I have no ability to build, shape or mold things.

So you can expect something spectacular.

For those of you who I don’t know personally, I’m sorry.  You probably feel pretty let down that  you won’t be receiving one of these gifts this year.   I’m sorry.   I’m not writing this to make you feel bad or jealous.  Really, I’m not.

But I did want to give a heads up to all of those who will be getting gifts from me.  Just in case they think the gift they were going to get me doesn’t now measure up.   No worries friends, it’s not what gift giving is about.  Mine might not be made with skill.

But I can promise you….it is made with love.

You can all make sure to give Husband an extra shout out for getting me my present early so I can make you gifts now instead of just going out and buying some old thing.