Having kids makes you want to be around forever.

Having grandkids (remember I am way too young to be a grandparent) makes you want to be around for eternity.   Because you know what comes after grandkids.  Descendants.

I so anticipate the life my children, their children, their  children will have.  Think of the differences that have occurred in the last five, ten, fifteen years.  Do you remember when you use to go to work and school and did not have instant communication ability with anyone, anywhere in the world, at your fingertips?


I’ve been wondering about their world.

Sadly I have to realize I will not be here forever.

But I am working on that.  And have come up with a solution.

I think it’s brilliant.

I will be here forever.  Me and Po both.

As Mamo and PoMan….

Come on!

Get it?

It’s perfect!

Look again….

Not to mention I really love Po.  Well, he’s Husband to me.   But here, he’s PoMan.    Come on!  I will be his Immortal SnoMamo.

Be jealous.

It’s that cute!     🙂