Call Me Ted

Today I felt like a coal miner.

Which made me think of “A Coal Miner’s Daughter” which made me think of Loretta Lynn.  Which I didn’t feel like a coal miner’s daughter I felt like the coal miner.  Which would be the coal miner’s daughter’s father.  Follow?

By the way, his name was Ted.  Well, he went by Ted.

Why, you ask?

Because I started my ten hour days.  Not that I’m comparing my office job to that of the physically demanding work of a coal miner.

I’m just comparing going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark, to that of a coal miner.

I know it’s a stretch.   But the thought went through my head on my way home from work today.  So of course I had to blog about it.

What else is blogging for but to share with you my witticisms and brilliance?

All of these words, which to count, as I write “this” is 161 words per the word counter.

When I could have said it much simpler:

When I left work today I realized it was dark going in, dark coming out.   Reminds me of a coal miner’s job.

Twenty- two words.  If I count the “I’s” and the 2 letter words.

But that isn’t much of a blog.

So, just call me Ted today.   And thank me later for that tune that is now running through your brain.

You’re welcome.