Imagine It To Know It

There’s a lot I’m suppose to accomplish.   It is true.

I’ve decided I need to list them out so I can keep track.  When something new develops, that I’m suppose to accomplish, it gets lost in the shuffle of the other stuff.    Or the older stuff gets over looked as I contemplate the new stuff.

Notice my action words here are “suppose to” and “shuffle” and “contemplate”.

You might want to keep these things in mind so that once I accomplish them, if I can ever be of use to you, or assist you in any way I’d be more than happy to share my accomplishments with you.   I’m a giver.

First:   get some kind of degree in writing.   So I know if the sentence above is properly written.    It looks good to me but I have a sneaking suspicion that my writing abilities could use some polishing.   On second thought, this is not my first thing to accomplish.   So scratch that.  It’s just the first thing I thought of.   It will probably get shuffled amongst everything else and be delegated to close to last place.   Having someone else tell me how to write would bore me.  And quite honestly probably make me mad.  Angry?   Whichever is the proper word.  They mean the same thing to me and are interchangeable.   Maybe instead of a writing degree I should just read the dictionary and memorize it.   Look for that on the list!

Other things I need to get hopping on in no particular order so I don’t have a repeat of the above paragraph:

Master wood carver skills.

Oh!  Which reminds me, Master in Tae Kwon Do!!!

Oh!  How about a Master’s degree in Psychology? Yes, I’ll do it!

That will make me a Master Times Three.   MTT for short.

I need to run a marathon.

Become a great travel writer.  Yes, the world needs me to explore it and explain it to everyone.   Like only I could do.

Be in  a movie.

Learn how to draw (good).

Ride a bicycle in all 50 states.

Win a ginsnorkamously large lottery.

Build Ittakesa.

Write a great song.

Read the dictionary and memorize it.

Learn sign language.

Learn to speak Irish.

Learn to speak Irish in sign language.

Ride my bike 200 miles in 24 hours.

Go to Australia and Greece.

Meet my great great great grandkids.

Ride bikes with my great great great grandkids.

Start a charity.

Reinstate common sense.

Become a teacher.

I have so much to do.   I am going to keep pretty busy thinking about all of these things.  Maybe I should put some order to it.


Maybe I should actually do some of it.