Funnier Than You Know

There are some advantages and disadvantages to having 7 siblings.  I’m not sure what the disadvantages are yet but I’ll let you know when I get around to figuring them out.  Well, other than growing up and needing a bathroom at the same time as 7 other siblings.   But…I have my own bathroom now so it’s no matter.

The absolute best advantage of having siblings is the fun in life you get to have at their expense because you have so many siblings.

Mom’s birthday is today.

Happy birthday Mom!

Since she isn’t reading my blog …. I don’t think….   I feel safe in divulging her birthday gift to her on my blog.

What does that have to do with having fun, and siblings?

Soon…so soon you will know.

I have 3 older brothers and 4 younger brothers/sisters.   We have spent many a year growing up.   So we have many a year of memories.   And fighting (which I do not see as a disadvantage).   And laughing.   And just generally existing around one another.   No one can make me laugh more than one of them.  Or make me angrier, than one of them.

Today I have been doing nothing but laughing at their expense.

I took a memory of years past.

And transformed it into a gift for my mom.

It’s pretty funny.

1.  Because the pictures are of a much younger us.

2.  I had to cut 359 pounds of hair off of our 1970’s heads to make it work.

3.  Our heads are ginormous and nearly did not fit (yes you may call us fatheads).

4.  We look ridiculously funny in our transformation.

For some of you who do not know us this may not be as funny.   My apologies.  But for some of us it is going to be hysterical.

And some of us may not exactly like this…

Mom won’t get these until Saturday.   So…. mum’s the word.

*snerk*    (pre emptive laughing on my part)

(Insert snort laugh here.)

Oh my Gosh I hope they ALL see these!

Wait….why do I look like the fattest head?

Oh wow.  How’d that happen?  I’m the only one with a noticeably different color hat and a shawl…

Truth be told…  I am the smartest.  I mean what person-transformed-to-snoperson wouldn’t wear a shawl or coat or something?

Hahahahahaha.   My hat’s even pink!!!!   And I don’t wear pink!

Funnier than you will ever know.

I hope you enjoy this little gift for my mom one fraction of how much I have been laughing tonight.