Law Abiding Cough

There is a law, I’ve been told, where we can’t use someone else’s prescription.

In theory I totally agree with this.  There are bad things people are doing with other people’s prescriptions.  And I fully support this law in the prevention of drug abuse and illegal selling.   I think that needed to be said.

Because I also think there should be an addendum to the law.

And it should state:

If you have not slept all night due to a wracking, chest aching cough and your husband has a prescription cough medicine from when he last had a wracking, chest aching cough you may, and should, take his prescription medicine.

I’ve been coughing for a week now.  I am totally convinced it is my allergies.  I was handling it just fine.  Until 8 p.m. yesterday.   I am totally convinced I was wrong about it being my allergies.

But what do you do at 8 p.m.?   Exactly.   You cough.

I finally tried to go to sleep at 11 p.m.

Which is very late for me on a work night.

By midnight I was grabbing a pillow and quilt and heading to the front room.  Poor Husband should at least be able to sleep.

I didn’t even take my computer with me I was so tired.

So I coughed until 4:50 a.m. then went to get my computer.   A little Christmas music is just what I need.

Husband gets up and says nice things to me.  Leaves the room and comes back and hands me a bottle.  A brown, plastic bottle.  With prescription cough medicine.

I feel like he handed me crack.

I want it so bad.   But.  It is a prescription.  With his name on it.  Not mine.  And yet…it looks so good.   And it has codeine in it.  Which means I would soon be blissfully comatose.

Why must I be such a law abider!

It now sits beside me.  On the end table.  Next to my chai tea.  Tempting me.  Tormenting me.

Damn my law abiding ethics anyway!

14 thoughts on “Law Abiding Cough

  1. Whatever dose your hubby is supposed to take, you take half (females have less body mass – usually – absorb nutrients/liquids/whatever faster and have less tolerance for certain opiate drugs). There, medical advice from an RN’s daughter done, common sense added…Now, be an Alice and drink the mysterious potion! LOL!

    Seriously, though, feel better soon! And thank you for the chuckle (i’ve been in the same boat tonight/last night, but nothing worked to help me sleep! sigh).


    • Thanks Eileen! I feel much better when those with medical backgrounds AND common sense tell me to do the right thing for myself! Should I admit to it if I did??? 😉


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