Blog Rules And Liebster Laws

Do not underestimate the entertainment you will find in this blog just because it is an award blog.  Read it.  Read all of it.  And you will thank me.  I know you will.   Because I trust your good judgement as a reader to appreciate all that I am going to bestow upon you.

I will inform you.   Teach you.   Guide you.   Gift you some incredibly brilliant places to check out.

This is about an award.

It’s like an academy award.

I think.

Is the academy award the one where all the fellow actors, directors and such vote for their peers?

Or is it the Golden Globes?  No?  I am not sure.

But in blog land there are some awards floating around out there that bloggers bestow upon one another.   Like the Academy Awards, of blogging, if the comparison is correct.  If it’s not, it doesn’t really matter.   The point is there are a lot of people who love to write.  And the fancy internet world has opened up possibilities for writers and wannabe writers to do just that.   Write.   Sure sure we always had the ability to write.  And many many of us did.  Just to pile it on shelves, store it in tubs, or force some sappy family member or friend to read our stuff and tell us how great it is.

Now we have fancy internet.  And blogging.  And now all of you get to (my dad’s philosophy works out great here) read our stuff and give us great feedback.  Or tell us we are not so great.  Though I am discovering most people are extremely positive in their feedback and seldom have I seen punches thrown.

So as the blogging world develops and grows, writers start to acknowledge one another’s blogs.  There is a web work of connections being built by every one who not only loves to write, but loves to read (this usually goes hand in hand, usually).

And all of this jabbering leads me to this:

I have been Liebstered.   Which, in German, means someone considers me dear, or beloved.   I would like to think I am beloved.  But that is really for the bestower to decide which definition she prefers.

And I would almost certainly think that meant she dearly beloveds me.  Yes, that makes sense.  Just go along with me.  If you want to read truth, not always easy but always strong and powerful go check her out.  She is brilliant.  Truthful.  Bold and sassy!   And more lovely then she knows.   And I am extremely humbled and honored by her choosing me.   Go read her now because she will be an extremely famous writer one day soon.

So, with all awards there are standards and legal abiding by things one must do.  They are:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.  (I am very impressed with the fact that I can now copy and paste.  It only took me ten years to figure it out.  Truth.)

2.  Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.  (After mastering copy/pasting it only took me an additional year to learn to link, which in my blogging career of 2 years, it only took me 14 months to learn.  Sadly, again, truth.)

3.  Pick your five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.  (Sadly I have no idea how to figure out how many followers someone else has.  So, my apologies in the event I have chosen those with thousands.)

4.  Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.  (The idea being, I am sure, to help one another spread the word for one another.   Does anyone else think this is very fine example of role modeling for the rest of the world.  That’s right, bloggers will change the world for the better.)

So now I have to pick five blogs.  Fortunately I have a great way of finding new blogs.  They usually find me!

First, through other bloggers who recommend bloggers (hey!) like my Canadian buddy   She is the most generous blogger ever.   My favorite stories of hers involve her memories, there’s a great one about a nursing incident…..   Well, go see for yourself.

Second, I have to admit I totally adore the uplifting blogs.  The folks who say hey, here’s a smile for you.   And does this every time I read a post.

Third, I am fascinated by real life.  Every one has one.  A life I mean.  And the truth of life is not always easy.   Over at Reservoir Blog Leo Barker is telling us about his life, with cancer.  It is real life and though the posts are far and few I am gripped by his life.  I pray for him.   ANd I really don’t expect him to follow the rules of the Liebster Award.  He’s got a lot of more important things to pay attention to.  I just want him to keep writing.   And stun the sporting world with his come back.

Fourth, I love hope and….love.   Over at Memory Bears By Bonnie you get a daily dose of love.  Bonnie created her site in memory of her son, who she lost to cancer.   But what she has done with her love for her son, and her experience working with Hospice and pallative care, is remarkable.  Touching.   And it is, as she says, “a ministry of love”.

Fifth, I am going a little crazy here and possibly stepping out of blogging boundaries.  I’m a rebel of the blogging kind.  I am Liebstering a comic journal blog.   I am.  I’m doing it.  Because I totally and utterly love comic journals!  In addition to jumping over to all of the above blogs, you will then jump over to Spinadoodles.   Why, you ask, would you do this?  Because he is a blogger, in a different format.  And we, as bloggers, are changing the world.   Remember?   We embrace the different styles of blogging.   Because we are awesome like that.

Bloggers of the world, thank you for your brilliance !   Thank you for entertaining me for free!

Now, did I disappoint you?

I hope not.

And if I didn’t you are most welcome!