Army of Fun

Thousands of years ago an army was created.  Out of clay.  It was, is, magnificent.  And I can so easily imagine the artisans and craftsman who put in their time every day to create such an incredible world.

The Terra Cotta Warriors.


You have got to appreciate what went in to developing and creating this world. Aren’t they just fascinating.  I can look at them and wonder about them all day.  Mostly I wonder about the hands, the creativity that went in to developing them.  So very intriguing!   I want to go study them.   Some day…..

And now…..another world, another recreated world, has recently been discovered.  On a much smaller scale.  But just as incredible.

I would even go so far as to say magnificent.

Entire kingdoms were recreated:

Everything recreated to stand at the ready:

To provide laughter and fun.   Okay, so a little different than the Terra Cotta Warriors.

But just as awesome!   On a smaller scale.   So, not quite as awesome.

But certainly wonderfully fun!