Naming Your Baby Colleen-You Should

So this year is so full of babies for me!

They are every where.

I have begged, bribed and hoped that someone will name their child after me.   My oldest daughter….I thought I had a shot.  She had 2 girls.   No such luck.  Even the bribes didn’t work.

My youngest daughter had a son.  I wouldn’t do that to him.

Maggie had a son.  Wouldn’t do that to him either.  It was enough to know she would have named a daughter after me had she had one.

But hey, niece, had a girl.   Come on!  I think I had a shot.  But…. I don’t think I bribed very efficiently.  I thought $25 was a good price to just write 7 letters down.  I’d write 7 letters for $25.

My sister is having a son next week.

They could have gone with “Collin”.   But yeah, it’s not the same.

But hey… I want you to meet someone else.   Born this wonderful day.

Her name?

Hana Colleen.

That’s right!   All those who cringed at having another Colleen running around.  Those of you who rolled your eyes.  You now have more to cringe, and roll your eyes, about.

Hana Colleen is now heir to all of my moldy money stock piled fortune (uhm, Hana, just so you know, there isn’t any actually stock piled, let alone old enough to have gotten moldy yet.   But if there was….you’d at least get a lot of it!).

Before anyone wonders about my pitiful need to have a child named after me… Uhm.  I really have no excuse.  It is pitiful.   But, how fabulous would it be that you mattered so much to someone that they named your child after you?   I know.   Pretty incredible if you ask me.   Wait, no.  No one can name their child after me if I ask them!  What was I thinking?  My philosphy is “if I have to ask it doesn’t count!”    Ask my poor Husband, he’s heard that often enough.

Oh well.   In this case I WILL TAKE IT!!!!!

She is gorgeous.

Look again.

Welcome to our world Hana Colleen.  You’ve already made it better.










Disclaimer:   the lies told in this blog were pre-approved by the beautiful Hana Grace’s beautiful mother.  We probably should have pre-warned her handsome daddy of the fake name change.  

13 thoughts on “Naming Your Baby Colleen-You Should

  1. O mom, know just because they arent named after you doesnt mean they arent little colleens at hart!!! ❤
    Love your lil colleen


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