4 Tens Equal 55

This is my third week of working 4 ten hour days.   Of course this means I still get paid for my forty hours.

But it means I work a 55 hour week.


Because the day “off” is a delusion.

The day “off” is full of work and “doing”.

How in the world did I do so much before I had a day off in the middle of the week?

Why is it I have an extra day off, my children have moved out, there is only me and Husband to tend to in the house and yet….

I have no time to do what I did when I had children growing up, full time job, sporting events, horse back riding, and martial arts classes?

I long ago stopped taking youngest daughter to horse riding because her instructor said he had taught her everything he could.  I use to go to 4 martial arts classes a week and now it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve been to one.   The kids are way past having sporting events and the greats aren’t anywhere close to having them yet.   I use to ride my bike 2, sometimes even 3, times a day.  Now I’m lucky if I ride it once a day.   I had added running to my workouts and I haven’t ran for 2 weeks.

I’m doing less of what I’ve always done yet there seems to be no more time added to my day.

Where, someone please tell me, is all of my time going?

My spare time, if it were pennies, would give me about one cent.  If that much.

And additionally I seem to have lost my ability to do math correctly.   Because for the life of me I can not get 4 tens to add up to anything less than 55.