I Shall Time Travel To My Office

I went out with some friends today.

We did a bit of “shopping”.  Though I shiver when I mention that word.  I am not a typical “shopper”.  I don’t believe in it.  It’s against my religion.  Okay, that’s not true.  But I do not like to shop for shopping sake.  I go out to buy stuff when I need it or want it.   I do not go shop to go shop.  Today was fun.   The shopping did have a purpose.  And it was well served.

I found a desk I want.

I am convinced I can build it.

It does not matter that I can not draw a straight line (even with a straight edge, a level, and all means of techniques that would allow for this).  It matters not that I have no ability to design or hammer or function as a builder of any kind.

What matters is I believe I can do it.

So I took a picture of it but to see it better I had to send it to my Facebook because I am to inept with my phone to send it to my email.

One of my friends commented and asked if I time traveled back to 1864.

Oh geez would that not be phenomenal?   Of course it would!

But since I can not time travel I will instead drive my poor Husband crazy by dragging his relaxing and tired arse out in to this miserable weather to go to a lumber place and by what I think I need.  Though I don’t really know what I need.    But I’m going to go get it.

The plan:  finish this blog.  Post it.  Holler at Husband to go read it.  While he is reading it I am getting ready to go to lumber place.

I shall create time travel by making my office look like 1864.

This should be interesting.

6 thoughts on “I Shall Time Travel To My Office

  1. Hey Colleen 🙂 I am EXACTLY like you – I don’t enjoy “shopping” – like, just shopping, walking ’round looking, trying things on etc.

    But this desk is a GREAT find. I don’t know how you can replicate it though, you know, make the wood old etc. Good luck though – you HAVE to show us the end result!!


    • Thank goodness SOMEONE understands me about shopping! Most of my family HATES shopping with me because I make it quick and painless! Get what I need and GO!

      I did manage to recreate the desk. But not the aging of it. But…I think it will age pretty well on it’s own. Let me know what you think! I put it on my next post!


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