Production and Inventory 2011

It’s that time of year.  Inventory of production.   So let’s do a little review.


I have always heard that for a strong economy there must be production.  You can not rely on service oriented business.  You can not rely on health care business.  There must be a very strong production component for our communities to stay strong.


My friends and family have been producing like mad:


1st of the 2011


#2-2011 (His serial number)



Mid December Model:


Late December  Model:

#5-2011 and only hours old!

That’s alotta producing!!!

So as not to be left out I felt I should start producing.

Made with love and very little skill:


Here's the very little skill.


Here's the love.


What? Did you think I was going to have a baby?

It might not be as awesome as their productions.  But it was fun to make.  As I’m sure the above productions were  😉  (yes that’s a wink wink).

Production.   My world is certainly full of it.

It does appear to be a necessity for us to go on.


5 thoughts on “Production and Inventory 2011

    • I can’t wait for you to see it and for us to make another one! Do you want to help or just have us make it???? I’m making a printer stand tomorrow! 🙂


  1. Fantastic! I admire you making a table like that!

    And how sweet to link it to all the productions in the family this year 🙂 A good post!


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