Recap Of My Party Adventures

New Year’s Eve party recaps:

Up until I was a teenager:   I don’t remember.

As a teenager:  I would baby sit for someone.  Usually asleep by midnight or watching Dick Clark by myself while the babies were sleeping.

As a young married:  sleeping.   Oh wait.  One year I “worked” in the bar with my friend until they closed.   I use the term “worked” very loosely.   I actually just sat around while she did all of the work.  But I am pretty sure she loved my company.   Then she took me out to where my then husband was working the midnight shift.   I shoulda just gone home to bed.

As a not as young but still young married with kids:  they were babies.  I slept.  They were older we stayed up and had fizzy apple juice and ate a lot of junk.   Probably in bed by 12:15.

As a mom of teenagers and young adults:  I sleep until they call me and wake me up to tell me happy new year at 12:00.

As a young Mamo:  I sleep.

Okay.   This could have been one of those blogs that was summed up in much fewer words:

Party Recap:   I don’t do parties well.


If you read this far you were far too curious.

It appears I prefer sleeping to drinking.

I am more fun than this blog makes me appear.   I swear.

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    • OH MY GOSH! I can NOT believe I forgot that! IT was THE best! Ended the year by riding and started the new year by riding! Best one EVER!


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