Proficient English Users-My Apologies

I was going to say I can’t resolute as a play on I’m not making resolutions.

But then I looked up the definition to make sure the word play I wanted to do would work.

And sadly for the blog, I can resolute.  Fortunately for me though, I can resolute.

And double sadly for my English major friends, teacher friends and anyone with a grasp of the appropriate use of words knows that ‘resolute’ is not a verb.

Apologies for those who have now cringed.

It’s over.

But since I can be resolute I am going to do something other than make resolutions.   Because as we know most resolutions are tossed out on their ears by 1/1 of every year at approximately 6:59 p.m.

I decided long ago not to do resolutions.  Because I didn’t want to waste time, and brain cells coming up with something I need to do to make my life better only to disappoint myself at 6:59 p.m.

So.  There.  That’s it.

But we did come up with a new house rule.   For the sake of someone’s heart health.  He probably wouldn’t want me calling him out.  But there’s only two of us in this house and I’m not a him.

The new rule?

We will not buy ice cream for the house.  If we want it we have to walk to get it.  Either a half mile to the local Krogers for a single serving of whatever.  Or the 3/4 of a mile (if we take the path under the bridge and walk the long way around the back) to the closest Dairy Queen for, again, whatever.   Mini Blizzards were a genius thought.  Not too much guilt in one of those.

Don’t forget, if we walk there, we have to walk back.  Let’s see how many blizzards we are willing to walk through to get a Blizzard.  It is January.

This has nothing to do with resolutions.

But I will be resolute about our heart health.    After all, his heart is mine.