Shameful Bragging

When is it okay to brag?

Is it bragging if you are sharing excitement?

Am I being boastful if I am thrilled and/or happy about something?  Something I did?

Ah to heck with it.  If I appear shamefully boastful, my apologies.  I am not trying to be.  But I would like to share something fun.  Something happy.  Something a little exciting.

And I mean “a little”.

Of course I have to give the long version, it is a blog after all.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about NANOWRIMO.  I know some of you may be familiar with this.  But to be very brief it is a way to encourage writers to write.  Every November you sign up to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  To some of you that may not seem a lot.  To others of you it may seem astronomical.

I did this one time.  In November of 2010.   It was a challenge.  I love to write.  I soon discovered how many words it took to type 50,000.  I met the number and passed it.  At the time we had a 40 minute drive to work every morning, and home again every evening.  I typed with my netbook on my lap as Husband drove.  I typed at my trusty bike desk every morning and often the evenings.

I had no plan.   I literally just sat and started typing once I was all signed up for NANO.

By the end of November I had a story.

I showed it to some.  Some read it.

Some liked it.

That was it.

Until this summer when it occurred to me it might be fun to “print” as a book for my family for Christmas.

So I did.

I gave it to a few before Christmas because it was just so neat to hold.  And it was fun to see others faces when they realized what it was.

I kept it mostly secret until I gave them out at Christmas.  Most of my family I gave it to asked me to sign their copy.  It was all pretty fun.

So.  That’s not the “exciting” part.  I mean, it was, but something else happened.

I had printed it through LULU.COM.  But I had kept it private until after the holidays.  Then, just for fun, I made it “public”.

Which means you can go to LULU.COM and search for my book.  Like the more familiar

But has something does not.


As an author.

Oh?  The best part?

I got a statement from that I have now sold, are you ready?


One “ebook” and one print book.

So actually, TWO BOOKS.

Now I suspect a friend or family member bought it.  Though the ones I ask have adamantly denied it.

So there is a chance a total stranger purchased my book.

It’s a wonderful little story (if I may say so myself).   I wrote it for fun.  I published it for fun.  I’m sharing the fun I had doing this.  And the absolute fun and joy I had when Lulu sent me that little report saying I now have sold 2 books.

For a total revenue of:


That’s right.

I. Am. A. Writer.


How’s that for bragging!

My apologies for all of this bragging.   My bank account is obviously not the cup that runneth over.   But my cup of joy and happy is floating in it’s own runneth over-ing.

18 thoughts on “Shameful Bragging

  1. I just finished your book today. I can only come up with one word…… AMAZING! I didn’t want to put it down once I got started on it. I have to admit, there were a few scenes where I was crying buckets, but hey, that just means your story captured my heart! I’m going to be waiting for the second segment in Arie’s life.


  2. Hurrah for you. Will buy and read when I finish voice editing my novel.(reading aloud) For now nothing gets in the way of that except an hour of blogging in the morning and then more blogging when I can’t read another word of what I have written.

    Plan to publish come anything on my 75th birthday, coming up soon. E-publishing is great. Go for the next. Why shouldn’t you brag, at least you were yards ahead of the politicians and advertizers with their mis-information and lies.


    • Well thank you Katherine Gordy Levine! I look forward to your birthday publishing!

      I do try to avoid the politicians….say “politics” around me and its like hitting my crazy button. 😉

      I love that you “voice edit”. And can’t wait to read it.

      Thanks for dropping by. By the way, I feel good today! 😉


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