What Do You Do That I Wish

Do you ever read something and wish you were ‘that smart’?

Or see a sketch or painting and wish you were ‘that talented’?

Have you ever had a friend or coworker who can run for miles on end, has great legs and great wind (longevity for working out) and wish you could do that?

Have you ever listened to someone sing and wish you could sing half as well?

Have you ever heard someone play a musical instrument, while reading music, or writing music of their own and dreamed of being able to do something so beautiful?

Have you ever witnessed another human reach out and hug the homeless, the dirty, the smelly, the thrown away humanity and hung your head thinking “I wish I was that compassionate?”

Have you read stories of small children who gave their birthday toys to others who have nothing and hoped that you taught your own children selflessness?

Have you ever stood silent while someone else opens their souls and creates a prayer from their faith within and felt surrounded by the grace of another?

Have you ever known a sick friend who prayed not for their well being but for the family and friends they love to have courage and strength and thought you could never cope so well?

Have you ever seen another,  face off with the anger of someone else,  and observe them calm and sooth the rippling air and thought ‘I would have hit him’ and be shamed by your thought?

Have you ever heard, from unexpected places,  pure and happy laughter that made you wonder when was the last time you laughed without restraint?

Have you ever received an unexpected gift and be shocked and surprised by other’s thoughtfulness?

Have you ever noticed someone else’s awesome style and wondered why you look like a walking clothes basket?

Have you ever had someone listen to you without interruption and pay you the full attention you crave and wondered when was the last time you closed your mouth?

Have you ever read a story in the paper about a 93 year old man who volunteered for the same organization for 70 years and wondered when was the last time you did something for someone else?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what others see when they look at you and wish “I wish….”

Thank you God for not giving me all of these abilities because if I could do all of this I don’t think I would pay so much attention to the beauty, the skills, the crafts, the dedications, the ethics, the traits, the abilities and the everythings of everyone else.

You knew what You were doing, didn’t You?