Be Careful Out There You Don’t Know Who’s Driving!

Husband and I have an on going disagreement on how to handle a certain situation.

It’s probably one of the worst disagreements we have.

When he drives (as a side note he says my driving makes him sick so I do not drive with him in the car unless absolutely necessary, it rarely is) he believes it is his mission in life to inform all stupid drivers who cross his path that they are indeed  stupid.  At least at driving.

If someone cuts us off he insists on blinking his lights at them.  Okay, Husband, first of all, blinking your lights at someone is usually an indication of ‘thanks’ or ‘go ahead’ or even sometimes ‘you’re welcome’ if you are communicating via blinking your lights with a skilled trucker.  I know these things.  There’s a proper way of doing it.  Blinking your lights is not cussing them out.  He disagrees.  He is wrong.  (Getting behind someone at night and turning your bright lights on them is an acceptable and recognized form of cussing out someone via your car lights.)

 But he doesn’t stop with the blinking of the lights.  No, he throws his hands up in the air and gives that universally known facial expression that says “your a flippin (use whatever term you deem appropriate for flippin) idiot”.

But, that is not all.

When the opportunity arises, if it arises and it usually  does,  and he then has to pass the said stupid driver on the driver’s side of the car he turns and stares at the stupid driver until he is well past him.

Yes, we have gotten some feedback from these stares.

I wish I’d of had my camera going two weeks ago for one of them.

I try to express to Husband that you can not reteach stupid drivers good driving techniques in this manner.

If they are indeed that stupid, you rallying your angst and anger in to hand gestures, facial expressions and blinking lights is not an effective tool in re-education.

Not to mention that every single time he drives by the now labeled stupid driver I am between him and the stupid driver.  The stupid driver who is very likely bat shit crazy and is going to pull a gun and shoot.  At me.  Because I am in the direct line of fire.

I try to express to him that you do not know who that is driving.  And it is very likely that they are bat shit crazy.   And you can not reteach those who are  bat shit crazy.  All you can do is avoid them as much as possible.  Especially in a car.  Especially when you put your wife between you and not only stupid but bat shit crazy drivers.

I wonder how many have driven away from Husband who is trying to teach stupid drivers something – telling the others in their car “that man is bat shit crazy, God don’t look at him he might pull a gun and shoot!”

****Bat Shit Crazy is my favorite expression for today!****