My ‘Mean People Suck’ Rant

I think it’s just about time for some ground rules to be laid down for and about mean people.   Common sense guidelines that are simple, and easy, to follow.  So let’s try to understand who might qualify as a mean person.  Then maybe we can come up with some guidelines to follow.   Life will be easier for us all if we all have the same kind of understanding.

You might be a mean person if:

*You make someone cry every day.  On purpose.  And enjoy it.  Having all of these traits makes you part devil.

*You go out of your way to watch someone suffer.

*You blame someone who is trying for not living up to your expectations.  And, you have no right to have any expectations.

*You enjoy yelling at someone, anyone, everyone over:  whispering, talking in normal tones, or singing.

*You have to look up the meaning for words like:









*You do not care what you say means to others.   Or what you do, does to others.

If any of the statements above seem oddly comforting to you or someone hands you this to read please apply the following rules to your standard of living.    Not that you care, but it may keep you alive one day if you run in to someone who does know the meaning of the words above but decides to snap as a result of someone else’s meanness,  and your ass is in the way.

1.  Do not call people names.

2.  Do not take it upon yourself to point out someone else’s flaws, with joy.

3.  Do not practice your meanness on:  babies, toddlers, small children, medium children, bigger children, teenagers, or the elderly.  Ever.

4.  Do not open your mouth and let your garbage out.

5.  Do not assume that the world agrees with your opinion of yourself.  Ever.

6.  Do not pick on someone who can not, for whatever reason, defend themselves.

7.  Do not think your honesty is refreshing.  It is not.

8.  Do not delude yourself in to thinking that what you are doing is honest.

9.  Do not believe that people appreciate your openness.  They do not.

10. Do not cross my path.

What you may do:

1.  Inflict all of your meanness on someone holding a gun on an innocent victim and redirect their meanness to you.

2.  Ignore and avoid all decent humanity.

3.  Print,  from the internet,  lesson plans for kindergarten and read.  Study up.  Ask questions.   Please do not approach any schools with any children (see above list of things not to do).

4.  Look in the mirror and see you the way those you torment, see you.   Take notes.

5.  Ask forgiveness.  Beg for understanding.  Seek help.

This rant is not all inclusive.   I am sure there are many more mean things that you do that I’m not aware of.   But not being like minded with you (note to self to say a prayer of thanks) I can’t come up with more at the moment.

Special note to all of us who have dealt with the meanness of people….if you pray, pray they learn, change and love.  If you hope, hope they learn, change and love.

We can all stand to better ourselves.

I’ll keep working on me.   But I can look in the mirror and know I’m not mean.  I’m not out to hurt anyone.   And I hurt, when someone kind, is hurt.

Thank you for tolerating my rant.