Give Me My History

Give me a round tower to wonder about.

To contemplate it’s history.  It’s purpose to a people.

Let me stand in one.   Let me touch it.  Let me be amazed at what I feel.

Let me stand with dolmens and go back to another millennium.

Let me wonder at the world that was here.

Give me archways, doorways, staircases and ruins to walk through in to another day.  Another world.   Let me travel through them in to my imagination.  In to a world that begot my world.  A world that would move forward to my world.  Leaving me with images.  Let me walk through them.  Back to where I came from.

Set my eyes upon the visions they saw, my feet upon the paths they walked, and my heart and prayers upon my ancestors home.

Take me to where my history rests.

10 thoughts on “Give Me My History

    • Thank you Chris! I have had the exact thought! Were they excited? Or just relieved because they had shelter? Was there laughter? Worry? Was it all work or was there joy??? Where does your ancestry take you? Scotland? Or dare I hope we may have had ancestors who were neighbors on Eire? 🙂


    • Heck yeah! When we were at the Giant’s Causeway I learned (learnt?) that we were just a land bridge away! When I win that lottery and send that black jet to pick you up for the party, we’ll make travel plans! 🙂 We’ll go see both!


    • Thanks Noeleen! When I am in Ireland we are ALWAYS out and about! So very very very much to see and absorb. I want to touch every part of it!


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