Now I Can Take My Pants Off Any Where

My life is about to change.  In a very big way.

How I dress is going to improve.

For me.

Others may have to adjust.

I seldom, and some may say never,  get dressed up.  I dress appropriate for work. Under clothing, socks, shoes, shirt, pants, belt.  Nothing fancy.  But I’m clean.  I’m not wrinkly.  What I wear works for me.

Outside of work my attire is as follows:

Bike shorts.

T-shirt and/or sweatshirt.   Weather is the deciding factor.

(Husband is now saying I must be specific and let the world know I wear appropriate under clothing at home as well.  I thought that would be assumed.  My apologies to everyone’s sensibilities.)

If I have to leave the house I pull on jeans over the bike shorts.   Maybe sweat pants.  Usually jeans.

In discussing my work attire my friends informed me that they think it is awesome that at all other points of my life I can, technically, appropriately take my pants off anywhere.  Oh,  and be ready to bike.   Or work out.

As a point of reference, they said I was like Superman.

Point of reference accepted.   They know me so well.

It was decided that I should start wearing my bike shorts under my work attire.  That way I am prepared to ride my bike at all times.   Why should I deprive myself of that readyability just because I have to work?

There is absolutely no point to informing the world of this.  Other than while my friends are trying to encourage me to wear bike shorts to work every day I told them I should write about it.  And Husband says “and you can call your blog “Now I Can Take My Pants Off Any Where”.

I like the title.

I like that my friends compare me to Superman.

Again, I have tried to reflect on how to improve my life.   This will certainly do just that.