Know Thy Self


I can take a test on a computer.  No human interaction.  No one “reading” me.  I can give answers to a set of purpose designed questions.  And then the computer can tell me about me.


Heck yes I’m going to do it!

I will take the liberty of applying the information fed back to me in any manner I so choose.  And use that information to educate you.   About me.   Now, you, may be as interested and intrigued as I.

I don’t think I want to give you the “diagnosis” or the “letters” that stand for my personality type.  Mostly because most of you are much more brilliant than I and will be able see past my lies writing to know more truths about me than what I am telling.

First I will let you know that apparently I have a “need to be needed”.  They interpret that as a desire to serve others.  I swear!  So I don’t even have to lie about that one.  Instead of me pointing out that I write this blog daily because I love the feedback and the give and take of banter it sometimes creates for me…. I am actually doing it to serve all of you!

So far I must say this report about me is spot on!

It does go on to talk about my work ethic.  I have always said I thought I would make a great secretary (minus the dresses, cat eye glasses and smoking that all seemed to be prerequisites of another era).  This report says just that.  In addition to many other career choices it supports my long held belief.  I would have been a great secretary.  Additionally, an odd and not so secret but not well known fact about me, I use to consider being a nun.  I still think about it.  In a curious kind of way.  If I had chosen that path, where would I be now?  This report says I am perfectly designed for “most religious work”.  I”m not sure what “most” includes, but I’m just assuming it includes nunhood.

Curious.  Don’t you think?  That the odd things I have considered in my life.  The things I wondered about, without actually pursuing, were things that this report says I would have been suited for.

Intriguing for sure.

I am happy to report to my children that this report also says that work ethic is high on my priority list.  Which supports my ridiculously stringent ethics about getting up and going to work to actually earn my paycheck.  And while my children often wanted me to stay home or do something with them, this report validates that my children and family are indeed my priority.   Isn’t one of the perks of having good ethics as a parent that you teach them and pass them on to your children so that they in turn benefit from them?  Exactly.

I am also now validated in my strong conviction that the world should be “nice”.  When others are mean, it’s wrong.  This report also validates my belief regarding this.

I am by nature ‘conventional’.    The report tells me I would have problems, to some degree, with the shenanigans of teenagers behaviors.  It believes I would have some issues with unconventional behaviors.  At no point does it say I am rigid, inflexible or controlling.   I’m trying real hard here to come up with a joke.  Just can’t do it.  I believed whole heartedly that my children should behave just as I did/do.  Period.  In so doing, everything would be just great.   My children will be relieved to know that as I age, I will mellow about these attitudes.  Just in time for grandchildren to be teenagers and I can laugh oh so heartily at their children’s shenanigans that they do not appreciate.

I feel mirth growing freely now.

I don’t like confrontation.  That’s what the report says.  Hey, who am I to argue?

The report also says that if you, my close friend of whom I have a few, get in to a distressful confrontation and I am with you, you can count on me.   To run and get help.   There will be no benefit of my 16 plus years of martial arts training.   That little number 4 behind my black belt title will give you absolutely no benefit.  Since my score on this was only ‘moderate’ you will just have to decide?  Do you believe the report?  Or do you believe in me, standing next to you, and not running?  I don’t like confrontation so I hope we never have to find out.  But if we get confronted I’ll stand by you and kick some butter.

I find the findings above to be contradictory.  Because you are suppose to be very relieved and “lucky” that I am who I am.  Because having me in your life is a benefit to you.  I know, that sounds very conceited doesn’t it?  Hey, I’m just telling you what the report says.

I do find fault with the statement that I, being who I am have “responsibility in their makeup”.  I don’t even wear make up.

You should all be able to interpret my sincerity and seriousness.  Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Damnit.

I am under appreciated.   That probably needs pointed out.

The older you are as my friend the more important you are to me.  I just want to clarify that I do not age discriminate.  Report be damned!

I am suppose to be very frugal and money conscientious.  So don’t count on me buying you stuff any more.   The report says I shouldn’t be wasting my money on you.

And what you interpret as moodiness?  That is my strong sense of responsibility.  I will not burden you.  I will not ask you to do my work.  Most likely I will do your work for you.  I will not burden you with emotional distress.  If I tell you something it’s probably because you expect to be told, not that I have a need to tell you.   I will take care of what I am suppose to take care of.  You don’t need to do it for me.  I am capable, powerful and responsible.  I am not being moody.   This report pretty much says that I have to adjust to deal with you and to understand you.   You, yes you, are being sensitive and should probably go do this test so you better understand yourself.

This, is about me.

JK!     JK!