Put On Your Dancing Shoes. I’m Wearing Tennis Shoes.

The last time I went to a “dance” I was in grade school.  First of all it should have been called “a sway”.   And I,  did not dance (or sway), in any manner what so ever.

Some things in life do change.  In grade school I wouldn’t have wanted to go to a party.  Let alone a dance.

Tonight I am going to a “dance”.

There will be some great dancers there.

I am looking forward to being amazed by them.

But some things have not changed:

I will not be wearing ruffled socks or frilly dresses (despite the hopes of one friend).   Not even a poodle skirt.

I will not be dancing (and Husband fully supports us being cheerfully by the wall aglow in the other’s skill).

I will not be wondering why a boy isn’t asking me to dance.  I will be confident in the love of the man at my side.

I will not be fearing a boy asking me to dance.  He doesn’t want to dance either. And if my friends at the dance ask, I will confidently tell them “hell no!”  (And not feel pressured or guilty).

I will do:  the hokey pokey.

I might even attempt a line dance.

The biggest difference between grade school and now….

I plan on having fun.

At my own expense.


And I will probably have bike shorts on under my jeans.

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