Well…..How ‘Bout That

Last night was the big dance.

“Big” meaning I don’t go to dances and I don’t dance.  So anything involving me and dancing is “big”.

I knew when I got there I would have no desire to dance.  I would very much enjoy watching others dance.  I knew one couple who would be there has been dancing for decades.  There were going to be others there who have been taking lessons for quite some time.  I was going to enjoy myself by watching and visiting.

I walked in and appreciated the atmosphere.  It was a valentines day dance.  Hearts.  Red and white decorations.  Everyone brought food and set it out on the red covered tables.   Candies and snacks were abundant.  The long room smelled of beautiful cinnamon.  And this morning I still hunger for some of those hard tack cinnamon hearts.

Everyone welcomed us and I felt like Norm.

As planned I went in to have a good time.  Neither of us planned on dancing.  And if asked by the others, we weren’t dancing with them either.

Within five minutes of walking in the door my plan was changed.  I  knew I wasn’t going to have a good time.

I was having a great time.


Life is for living and trying.  Right?  Heck yeah!

By the end of the night we had danced, poorly, but with great lack of skill.  We didn’t just dance, we danced to everything we could count to.  Don’t be silly enough to think either of us have rhythm or we have missed acknowledging some latent skill.  That was so not the case.

But in a room with other couples who are happy to dance.  Or happy to experience.  Or happy to be with one another.  We could hang with them.  We might not of been able to do all of these things, but some of these things was all we needed.

I can now say I have:



Line Danced

And some dances that I don’t know what I was doing.  Technically that encompasses all of what I was doing.  But some I couldn’t figure a pattern or a count.  I can’t say I tried everything or danced every dance.  Some of the dances were way past my ability to fake it or pick it up quickly.  And it was mesmerizing to watch others who can just do it beautifully.

And when one of my friends walked over and put his hand out, in typical movie style fashion, I looked up and laughed.   There was absolutely no way I was going to dance with somebody else as I took his hand with a laugh at myself.  He helped me get a count and not look down.  It was a little bit exhilarating to not feel like an ox or be embarrassed.  I had a flash of maturity.  But then laughed at myself for thinking such ridiculous thoughts.

These couples get together weekly for lessons.  Dancing.  Teaching.  Learning.  Fun.  Again, I can do most of those things.

So now?

We are going back for dance lessons!

I know!   I typed that and felt a huge burst of joy that I’m going to be doing something new.  Something fun.  Something I’m not going to be great at.  But I might be good at.   After last night I was better at it than when I walked in the door.

And this morning?

We practiced a few minutes so we didn’t forget the counts.






I may not know everything about myself yet.   But I’m still learning.   And some things will not change.  I did wear my bike shorts under my jeans.  No frilly socks.  But I wore red socks to match my red shirt.  And I could only dance after taking my shoes off.  Some things are just more natural for me.


It just keeps getting better.