I Am. I Don’t. I’m Sad. I Have. I Live.

I am sorry.

I am sorry there is drug use and abuse.

I am sorry that people choose to use.

I am sorry that people become addicted.

I am sorry that I can not control what others do.

I don’t blame people for blaming the user.

I don’t blame people for not having, or having very little, sympathy for a user.

I don’t blame communities for being scared of something so dark and evil.

I don’t blame people for being so tired of trying to help.

I don’t know any answers to any of these problems.

I don’t know that any one of us is better than the other.  User or not.

I don’t know that I can judge someone I do not know.

I don’t know enough about someone else to think I have better answers for their life.

I don’t know that what hurts someone else is ever going to be comforted by anything here on earth.  In this lifetime.

I don’t know that hiding from the pain  isn’t sometimes the answer.

I’m sorry for all of our losses.

I’m sorry for those who take advantage of the hurting, the uneducated, the lost and the bad decision makers.

I’m sad that people I know, people I love, choose to hurt because this hurt is easier to face daily  than that hurt.

I’m sad for the loss of possibility.   The loss of dreams undreampt.  The loss of happy unlived.

I’m sad that people who love are helpless and powerless.

I’m sad that there are people who do not feel love.

I’m sad that those who know everything sometimes know very little.

I’m sad that power is mis-recognized.  Power is mis-assigned.

I’m sad that people give up their power.

I’m overwhelmed with my ignorance.

I’m overwhelmed with compassion.

I’m overwhelmed at what we don’t know.   No matter how many times we are taught.

I have faith in a higher power.

I have great love for those who suffer and know no other way.

I have great fear for our children.

I have great hope that our children will do what we have yet to do.

I am who I am.

I am no better.  No worse.  Than who you are.

I am able to comfort some.

I am unable to comfort most.

I am willing to try.    And try again.

I live.  I cry.  I laugh.  I feel.

I am.