Thank You Muchly Little Unknown Person

Yesterday the Husband and I got a very sweet gift.

And we don’t know who to thank.

It was Valentine’s Day.  Neither of us really wanted to do anything about that.  I’m blessed to have a good man who surprises me with little gifts all the time.  Because he wants to.  Not because the calendar tells him to.  And I spend an awful lot of time thanking him for everything he does for me.  That’s more than good enough for me.

I’m not sure what he gets in return.  But he sticks around and that’s all the gift I need.

But when I got home from work he said we had a surprise in the mail.

He showed me two Valentine’s Day cards.  The little ones that you get for your classmates at school.  The little ones that are made to fill up shoe boxes covered in foil, or brown bags, decorated with hearts and other colorful objects that little people find attractive.

They were each signed “Gracie”.

We do have a little person in our life who we sometimes call “Gracie”.   And we checked with her mom.  Nope.  Not from her.  She doesn’t sign her name “Gracie” and can actually only write one name, and it’s her real name.  Not the ones we keep giving her.

I have come up with my own assumptions and created story.

There is a little person in this neighborhood named “Gracie” who I do not know.  But she had a box, or two, of Valentine’s Day cards and spent a large amount of time signing her little name to each card.  Then she went, with her mom or dad or older sibling, up and down the neighborhood.  During the say while we are all at work.  And put a card or two in each mailbox.

To the delight of her (at least two) neighbors.

It’s not like someone mistook our house for someone else’s.  It is the only red house on a street full of white, beige and tan houses.  And one very light grey blue house.

I don’t know who Gracie is.

But I like who she is.

Happy every day Gracie!

And thank you!