Get It Up!

So there are some things I am willing to let others do for me.

But there are some things that I see, and know, without a doubt, that I can do just as well.

I can’t dance like her.  But this jump:

The Girl Can Jump

I can do this jump.   I am convinced of it.

So I can’t wait to get home and get my photographer to take some pictures.  Just in case the first jump wasn’t as good as what I hoped for I would want a couple of pictures taken.  I mean, I did work all day, I needed to limber up.

Here we go.

The photographer is getting fired.   What are the best jumps?  The one’s he missed of course.

Good height! Where’s the rest of me?

At least part of the other foot is here too.

Good golly ! Look how high! ONE of the best jumps!

I can not believe I am putting some of these on here. It's all for the glory.

Not everyone can sit mid-air.

I look like I'm having fun!

Back to his old tricks. Grrrrr.

The Girl Can Jump

Okay. Close as I'm gonna get in form.














But then I thought….what if I do some old fashioned jumping.  Martial arts




Ugh! I can do better!

Better. But, yeah, hers is much prettier!

🙂  This was totally motivated  by someone else’s discipline and dedication.  Thank you Irish Dancing Queen for giving me an inspired workout this evening.



It should be noted that all rolls are actually flexible muscle.