Smooth Moves

I have been trying to live life on different terms this decade.

I mean, I did go to a dance and as a result am taking dance lessons.

I have tried (unsuccessfully) to be less OCD.  But I’m still trying.

I want to be healthy in attitude, spirit and body.

So I thought I would attempt some health changes.    Thanks to a blog I have been stalking reading I have discovered green smoothies.   Check out WildDonna‘s posts about green smoothies.  If you are about to wrinkle your nose in disdain about just the mention of green smoothies go check out her site.  Amazing.   Grant it she appears to have been amazing long before green smoothies entered the picture.   But they don’t seem to be hurting.

And in my head if I drink them I will be just like her.   Please do not destroy my delusion.

The great benefit of me becoming addicted to something new is that my family and friends suffer through get to hear all about my newest attempt at health and happiness.   And I’m not happy until I badger someone enough until they try it.

Aren’t my aunt and uncle lucky we are visiting this weekend?

Of course they are.

My experiments are fully enjoyed by them.  Whether they like it or not.    Fortunately for them I could share this one.

My glass is on the left.  Uncle’s glass is on the right.  He was not a believer.

Is anyone else sensing a bit of hesitation here?   He of little faith.

One of us has a better attitude than the other about trying something new.

Here we go…..  What!  I see apprehension!

You did NOT drink enough to know if you like it!  Aunt, on the other hand, is thumbs up in love.   Or telling Uncle “GET OUT!”.   Not sure which.

What?   Green smoothies are all about love.   Look how the powers of good health over powered even the crankiest of critics.

Something different.  Something good.  Something fun.  Better attitude, spirit and fun.   Picture proof.


Thanks WildDonna for the inspiration.