When Grandpa Went Home

I am sometimes surprised to remember I am a grandma.  Grandmother.  Mamo.

I’m not sure how this happened.  And I really don’t want anyone to explain it to me.

But since I have become “Mamo” I have often thought of my own grandparents.  I have a strong image of grandparents.  And the image is, of course, of my grandparents.

But….I’m a grandparent.  And I do not resemble that ‘label’.   I do not see “me” like I see “them”.

I mean…no offense to my grandparents…. but I don’t look like a grandparent, right?

I look like me.

But, well over fifty years from now, when I pass, what is the image my grandchildren will have in their memories.   Of me?   When they think of grandparent I will be one of the people they envision.  I will be what ‘grandparent’ is defined as.

It’s a bit of a shock.  That I am what my grandparents were.  I will be that memory that these children I adore-have.

I hope the memory, and the vision, are everything that I was blessed with.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Grandpa the last couple of weeks.  Especially this week while one of the  cousins who I most associate with Grandpa has been ill.  I can’t think of my cousin without thinking of the importance of Grandpa in his heart.

If I am lucky – once in awhile I catch a whiff of  Grandpa’s pipe in an unexpected place in my world.  A world that no longer has a Grandpa for me.  Once in awhile I even have a vision of him patting Grandma’s hind end as she walks by him sitting in his chair in the little living room of the little house in Grandma Village.  Anything to do with fishing reminds me of him.  And certain smiles with that little gap bring a smile right to me, special sent from heaven.

I wrote this for him when he passed.  It still makes me tear up to think of him going home.  But I know he’s in the best of company.

I close my eyes to pray dear Lord

And you know of what I pray

For there within the gates of heaven

I see angel’s guide his way.

His smile is calm and filled with grace

His eyes are bright with tears

His heart is full as the angels sing praise

For he feels our Lord is near.

Our man of earth stood very grand

As he gazed upon the sainted ones

For there among the ranks of heaven

Was part of him….his son.

His heart was light and lifted

As son led father’s way

The angels parted graciously

To welcome him home this day.

In honor he felt the glory he had found

Was more than he could bare

As he bowed his head in reverence 

And thanked the Lord in prayer.

The angels voices lowered

As he was lifted by His Grace

And Henry’s soul was blessed

As he kissed his Father’s face.