One From Me One From You

In the year 2000 I had suffered a neck injury.  I was fortunate, and very blessed, to be referred to a surgeon who not only spoke of hope, he gave me hope.  I asked him what I would be able to do after my surgery.  He responded by almost shrugging it off and saying “whatever you want”.

I had the surgery and went on to accomplish and fulfill many physical goals.  I not only earned my black belt in Tae Kwondo.  I earned my 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree black belt.  I rode my bike for thousands of miles.  I still harbor the dream of riding 200 miles in 24 hours.   I know there is no physical reason I can’t.

I was given these opportunities, and many more, by a physician.  A surgeon who knew what to do and how to “fix me”.   In regards to that….I was broken.   And he did, indeed, fix me.

I’ve recently come across a blog from a woman who had the same surgery as I did.  And sadly, she did not have the same doctor as I.  Sadly she is still suffering not from the original injury, but from the injury inflicted by the surgeon.  She writes about it in her blog:  My Unplanned Life.

Do you remember Superman?

Or do you know anything about Alix?

I didn’t/don’t know any of these people.

But it plays through my head….  what if my surgeon had sucked?

What if when I had been knocked off of my bike by those animals I had landed like that?

What if that time that guy flipped a gun up and pointed it at me, it had gone off?

What if that was me, where they are now…

And what if someone was trying to learn how to fix it?  Make it better?  What if someone who can walk, dance, and has the world at their fingertips….was trying to give back to others, that same ability?

But not enough people gave a shit?  Or gave a dollar?

What if that was me, and there was a chance that I could walk again, but nobody cared if I did?

If you watch the video on MY UNPLANNED LIFE and can’t give a dollar, but want to give a dollar, send me a message and I will send in a dollar in your name.  Or your blogs name.  Or in the name of someone you love.

In the therapy they are talking about, there are no abortion issues involved.  There is no reason, religious or otherwise, to be against the promotion of helping others to walk, heal and be well.

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4 thoughts on “One From Me One From You

  1. msampson999 says:

    You are the most awesome, generous person ever. I donated 🙂

    • Chatter Master says:

      YOU are awesome. I sent some in, and I included a dollar for each of my kids, grandkids, siblings, Liam, DB, and I have 2 extra sent in in case someone else couldn’t. 🙂

  2. David Brown says:

    We don’t realize on a daily basis how lucky we are till we read about someone who wasn’t.

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