Nearly Kicked To Death

In some situations there is no self defense.

You just have to take the abuse.  Over.  And over.  And over yet again.

Normally I suggest to people that they do not allow others to kick them, hurt them, push them around.  I suggest and have trained to learn how to avoid personal attacks but be ready if there is one.  If you are attacked, you need to be prepared, willing and able to defend.

Fight back.

Defend yourself.

You have that right.

Last night I went to bed.  Exhausted.  A day full of excitement, surprises and fun made for a tired body.  Both emotionally and physically.

It was during the night that the attack occurred.  I was pummeled.  And I mean pummeled.  Repeated kicks to my legs, knotting the muscles in my calves.  A few blows got through to my gut.  A few to the small of my back and even as high as between my shoulder blades.   When I attempted escape I was locked in a figure 4 leg lock.   If you think that is a fake wrestler move have someone do it to you.   It hurts.   Like hell.

The rapidity of the kicks was too intense and I couldn’t get away.  In all honesty it was something I wish I had.  That swiftness and ability to aim repeated kick to the same target.  Rendering the target bruised and battered.

But I could not fight back.

Not if I wanted to retain my self respect.  My dignity.

She is only four.  And she was asleep.

So I pretty much just had to deal with it.

But the next time she spends the night I don’t care how much she refuses she is sleeping on the air mattress we bought for her.

Doesn't Look So Deadly Does It?

15 thoughts on “Nearly Kicked To Death

    • Isn’t she though? This picture is actually about 2 years old. But she looks the same. Don’t let the sleeping fool you. It is where the warrior in her exists.


  1. You so had me worried Colleen! Reading this, I was thinking ‘how did she get to be attacked in her own bed, her own home’ – & I was really alarmed. But then… oh yes, I understand! Nope, no self defence on that one 🙂


  2. This is so wonderful!! And instructive for the future. I will enjoy tussling with our one-year old grandson. But Gramma is the one he snuggles with, when we are babysitting these days.


  3. Good heavens! You had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions… I saw the pic of a kid and skidded from one conclusion to another. What a relief to laugh my guts out and the tension with it. 😀
    My granddaughter kicks like a mule when she sleeps with me and them smothers me with her arms locked around me tight.

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