Read My Words And Be Healthier

It’s true.  If you start reading young and continue reading for a long long time you will be brain healthier.

I am paraphrasing.  If you want the long winded proof (evidence?  opinion?) of it go …… HERE.

And yes there are many more words there than what you will read here in this post of mine.  But my post just gets right to the point.

I am by no means making light of this.  At all.  I have a serious fear of dementia, in any form.  I once had someone explain to me that dementia can be caused by many different forces.  Dementia is a ‘symptom’.  Like a cough can be due to a cold, or allergies, or choking, or other respiratory issues the cough is the symptom.  There can be any number of reasons for “a” cough. The same can be said for dementia, there can be many different reasons.

I’m not an expert.  I’m just telling you one of the best ways  it was explained to me when I started in this field of work.

And I’m also telling you it is horrible.  I see it nearly every day in my field of work.   And quite honestly, and uneloquently….. it sucks.   Big time.   Today I sat with a couple where the husband proudly told me of their nearly 51 year long marriage.   But she no longer remembers being married to him.  How painful that must be.  So I always like to see information that brings it back to us, that we might be able to do something for ourselves, to help ourselves stay healthier.  So today, I am telling you that reading my blog improves your brain health.  By the way, drink a green smoothie while you’re reading.   It helps too.


Reading is good for you.

I write.   Which is good for me.

The words that I write, that you then ingest in to your brain, keeps you healthier.

You are welcome.

Stay brain healthy.

Read some blogs.