Come On Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all of the April foolery from yesterday let’s get down to serious business.

Making fun of my boss.


A few April fool’s moons ago one of the best pranks ever was played out on my boss.  I can’t take credit for it.  But I had the intense pleasure of participating.  I will celebrate every April fool’s day with this memory.   I’m sure there are more intense pranksters out there who can out do this.  But it was so simple.  And played out so beautifully by so many people.

Someone who worked with us, I will call her….Wendy…. yes Wendy.   Suggested a brilliant joke to be played out on our boss.  She would bring in a battery operated radio and we would put it in her false ceiling.  And we would have joy all the day long.

Wendy and I were there before anyone else.   I took off my shoes and I climbed on her desk to put the radio in the false ceiling.  We turned it so low that it was not obvious.  Wendy and I stood in different places in the quiet office to make sure it could be heard.  And it could be.  The office was very quiet when we did our sound check so it was perfect.  With the noise of the office the radio would not be obvious.  I climbed down from the desk.  We made sure there were no footprints on her desk.   We had been careful to not disturb anything.   I don’t know about you, but I know when someone has been messing with my stuff.  We were so very careful.

Boss comes to work.   I don’t remember how long it took to hear her start asking questions.   Through out the morning she would ask different people to come in to her office and see if they could hear anything.  She had some supervisors.  The director of the entire agency.   Random colleagues.

No one could hear anything she was talking about.

Many of the people she asked were in on the joke.  A few were not but immediately picked up on it.   It was not obvious when you walked in that there was loud music or anything.   At one point she asked me to come in.  She had me stand in three different places.  “Don’t you hear it?”   She was looking a little desperate.   I started to feel a tinge guilty.  Just a smidge.

Then “The Price Is Right” started to play on the radio.  Wendy must have had it tuned to a TV station or some frequency that picked up the show.  I have no idea.  It doesn’t matter.

She was convinced that the woman in the office next to her had a TV stashed in her desk and was addictively watching “The Price Is Right”.   Because, as we all know, you would risk your job to watch Bob spin that wheel.

She went in and asked her.   Of course she wasn’t!  I am certain there was some indignation in her response.   As she tried to not blow the gig.

This went on for hours!

Finally Boss had to leave.  She thought she was going crazy.   All she could hear was “come on doooooooooooooooooown”.   She gathered her stuff and told me she was going home for the day.   She looked so sad.  She left.  I said something to someone and we decided to rescue her from her impending mental crash.

I ran after her.  I brought her back in the building and took her to her office.  I kicked my shoes off and got the radio.

Her relief was immense.

If it wasn’t so damn funny how she was so tormented, I would feel bad for tormenting her so.

But I was just a pawn in this brilliant ploy.   So I don’t feel bad.  Mostly because she gets a bigger kick out of it than the rest of us.   Well, maybe not fully, but we’ll let her think so.    Now, if we had known how well this would work….  we could have saved it for a day when we needed some boss free office time.   Daggoneit.   If we had only known the power we Wendy had.

8 thoughts on “Come On Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Okay, I laughed my fool head off AGAIN as I read this! Not an April Fool’s Day goes by that I don’t recount this prank to anyone who didn’t know about it. It’s CLASSIC! I feel honored to this day that the very best and absolute funniest April Fool’s prank was played on ME!

    Ahem, however….I feel compelled to remind you (and all your readers) I had PLANNED a half day, afternoon VACATION for that day weeks prior to the joke! I did NOT leave because I was having a mental breakdown….but I must say, as I was leaving, I seriously considered googling “psychotic break with ‘The Price is Right’ auditory hallucination” as soon as I got home!

    You guys make me laugh – and this will make me laugh forever!!! 🙂


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