What Will I Do For You

If you are family or friend, I will love you.  Love being defined by our relationship.  Though love is love, love is different.

Inevitably I will screw that up.

Loving you doesn’t mean I’ll be perfect.  Doesn’t mean that whatever you expect from me, you will get.   I will let you down.  But by golly I’ll love you despite my faux pas.

I will try not to get jealous when what I expect or hope from you seems to go somewhere else.  I will try to reign in my insecurities and be happy for you.  And who ever else is lucky enough to be part of your life.

I will not blame you for being overwhelmed by my OCD tendencies.  Or my constant attempts to find the “right way” for me to eat.  I’m really trying to be healthy, to live longer.   When I ask the waitress a few extra questions and order something a little extra healthy…I’m really doing it for you.

Though I believe in and try to love unconditionally, I’m going to get that wrong.  Even though I love you, I will get mad.  I know.  It seems wrong to say ‘unconditional’ and then say I’ll get mad.  I think, in all fairness, that unconditional means I will love you no matter what but getting mad is okay.  I just can’t hate you.   That would not be acceptable under ‘unconditional’.

I will laugh at myself because when I catch a glimpse of some of what I do…  I laugh because it is what I would do if I was you, looking at me.

When you call, I will do my best to be there.  If I’m not I will listen to the voice mail.

When I screw up, I will apologize.  If:  1) I realize I screwed up and 2) If I agree with you that I screwed up.  But if 3) I don’t think it was me that screwed up I will likely be mad at you.  But I’ve already covered getting mad at you.  That’s okay.  Because being mad does not equal not loving.

I will be overly excited for you when something fantastic comes in to your life, you accomplish something you have worked really hard for, and when you just feel great.

I will want nothing but wonderful things for you.

I will ask very little of you.  Yet I need everything from you.

I will never purposefully lead you astray.  But I will purposefully tease you.

I will stop teasing if it isn’t fun for you.

I will appreciate who you are because of your character of kindness and acceptance of others.  Including me.

I will end this now because I have to go to work and I will not go to work stinky.  I will finish my workout, I will respect my coworkers olfaction and shower so that I will not offend them.