If I had my druthers today Idruther be riding my bike.

In Ireland.

Or here.  Or somewhere I’ve not been before.

Idruther be playing in the sun.  Sweating out the goo and toxins we pick up along the way.

Idruther be watching the new baby surprise himself as he learns how to roll over-but isn’t quite sure of what he’s doing.  I want to see his face when he gets it.

Idruther be sitting with my aunt and uncle and Husband talking about our tree.

Idruther be taking a couple of Mamo’s girls out to the new tree house  and try out my new camera.

Idruther be eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream than carrots.

Idruther be learning Aikido because it looks so awesome.

Idruther be traveling and checking out something fascinating and unknown to me.

Idruther be proving to my brothers and sisters who will doubt me, how great green smoothies are.

Idruther be taking my kids to Disney.

I’ve got my druthers.  Just need to use them atanuther time.