Not Just Forty

Why is it Jesus could go through what He went through, for us, and I can’t stop from using the f-bomb for forty days?

When I decided to do this for Lent it quickly became apparent to me that I was not going to have an easy time of this.

One of my friends pointed out that maybe it was God’s way to help bring my thoughts to Him more often.   I do know that every time I have dropped this bomb in the last forty days I have thought of Him.  But I did tell her I would bet He would like me to pick a better word to associate with Him.

I recognize that as a child I just wanted to get through Lent.  I wanted Lent to end so I could drink pop, or eat chocolate, or have whatever it was that I gave up.  Now, I see in myself a bit of a matured believer, and I want to use Lent to strengthen my faith.  To use this time to sacrifice.  Face a struggle.  Deepen my relationship with The Truth of my beliefs.

I am painfully aware that the small sacrifice I attempted was a pittance compared to what was sacrificed for us. For me.   I don’t think it even registers as a pittance.  One of the benefits of growing more mature is understanding that growth can come from sacrifice.  And even though I fail, it’s because of His sacrifice, that I can continue to try.  I don’t want Lent to end so my sacrifice can end.  I want Lent to end for the gift that Easter is to us.

It’s almost Easter and  Lent will soon be over.

But I’ll keep trying.  I hope to sacrifice a little more.  Give a little more.  Do a little more.    Every day.  Not just forty.