My World In A Chair

How do you get three very small children to pose for pictures?

It helps if you can get all three of them in the same place.

Once that is done.

You just point your camera and snap pictures like crazy…

Hoping one turns out….wait, come back!

You beg for smiles, put the legs down, don’t crash from the chocolate yet…

That’s not a smile.

Now where did she go?

The best tip for getting three small children to pose for pictures:  do not expect it to happen.

So I tried my luck with the adults…

Don’t expect much from this either.

He said he was trying to keep his eyes open.

Sometimes it is the camera’s fault.

Thank goodness for digital pictures that do not cost an arm and a leg and you can just delete some.

Sometimes you realize the best picture is the one you had the most fun creating.  The laughing at the running before the timer goes off.  The complaints from everyone about pale legs, fat rolls, and babies who sleep through it all.   Everyone loving one another enough to squeeze in and wait for picture after picture.  And the best picture is the one that shows your world in a chair.  And you love it.