I Have To Take Epiphanies Where I Can Get Them

Now That I’m Older Smarter

I realize things about myself and my life.  Sometimes I wish I’d learned these things earlier.  Most times I appreciate the time so I could learn along the way.   I guess if we were all handed a book of knowledge to start this trip, there wouldn’t be near as much fun, lessons or epiphanies.

Epiphany:    everybody farts.

Lesson:  let others think we don’t know they fart.

Epiphany:  what you drive doesn’t matter, where you’re going does.

Lesson:  get a car that runs.

Epiphany:  the world does not revolve around me.

Lesson:  I’m very important to most people in my world.

Epiphany:  I don’t need to worry about every one liking me.

Lesson:  it’s not easy to accept that some people just don’t like you.  But you can live knowing this.

Epiphany:  I can do more than I ever thought possible when I was younger.

Lesson:  achieving something is often, usually, more about the work you do to achieve than the end result.

Epiphany:  I am one person but am mother, child, sister, wife, friend, cousin, aunt, etc.

Lesson:  So why can’t God be Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Epiphany:   I can’t make you think I am brilliant.

Lesson:  I can believe I am brilliant anyway.

Epiphany:  my husband is a saint.

Lesson:  I complain, snark and bellow.  He’s a better husband than I am a wife.

Epiphany:  getting caught in the rain on a bike ride results in phenomenal bike rides.

Lesson:  don’t start a bike ride when it’s raining.

Epiphany:  sometimes I’m wrong.

Lesson:  sometimes I need to admit this.

Epiphany:  I talk too much.

Lesson:  It’s okay if others tune me out and/or I should shush.

Epiphany:  criminy I get mad too fast.

Lesson:  reign in the temper.

Fun:   starting out ignorant.  Gaining some insight.  Remaining ignorant enough to continue having fun while still learning.   And knowing you all sit there reading your blogs and y’all fart.

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