How We Owned The World

To be fair “we” never really owned the world.  But “we” have record where “we” have owned, re-owned, and re-owned the world many times over.  Or at least part of it.

Which made me very aware of something.   No matter how much money we pay for something, no matter how many deeds we have, no matter how long we live in a place, we never truly own it.

Because it remains.  To be sold.  Owned.  Given.  Fought over.  Valued.  Taxed.  Neglected.  Cherished.  By someone else.  Then another.  And many more after us.

But here I sit.  Among generations of deeds and wills and property lists.

Trying to solve family puzzles and mysteries.   For the most part it has just led me to create my own assumptions stories of intrigue and disbelief.   I appreciate the ancestors leaving a trail of confusion and unknown so that I may make up stories in my head.  Because no matter the truth, my stories make more sense.

If I add up the acreage owned, re-owned, and re-deeded over the years I do believe “we” owned over 50% of the world.  Which gives us the majority.  So in essence perhaps “we” did/do own the world.

You may call me Chatter Land Master.   Or Your Landship will do.

Calling dibs before any other descendants try to claim ownership of said world.

Dibbed.  Done.

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