Peace Thank You Very Much

I’ve never been to, or in, a war.

I would have no idea what to pack or how to prepare.

For some reason my subconscious felt it necessary to help me prepare for this and set me up in a dream last night.

I am pretty sure I would do things differently than my subconscious would dictate.  According to my dream I had to pack the car.  There was some debate in my head as to what I would take.  And I told all of the kids to get their back packs.  Because that’s pretty much all they would get is what they could put in there.  And we all had to fit in the car.  The car being non descript and very large.  Yet, it was small.  I suppose if you had to choose at the last minute what to take and could only take what you could carry or put in your car even the largest of cars would seem quite small. Especially with war looming.

And war was looming.

However, I had to make sure the kids got to practice first.  I am not sure what ‘practice’ it was.  It was sport oriented but never made clear.  Though upon waking I am not sure what kind of practice would be deemed necessary before packing and leaving because of war.  Football?  Probably the most likely.  You wouldn’t go to swim practice would you?  It doesn’t matter.  The ‘kids” I was waiting on to return from practice were my kids in the dream.  But they weren’t kids I am currently aware of.  And apparently in my subconscious I have numerous children.   More than I could count.  And more than I have.  Many more.  Maybe that’s why the car seemed so small.  I do know that I would leave ‘stuff’ behind if need be to get all of the kids in the car.  Though my dream never really addressed this.  I am pretty certain that if war were looming I would not place a practice for a sporting activity above life saving measures.  Fairly certain about this.

Then I was watching the time.    Probably wondering if the kids were going to be late getting home from this elusive practice.

Then I was communicating with an ex-husband.  He wasn’t exactly in the dream.  But he was in the service, military service (thank you).  And he was ‘communicating’.   I have no clue what I mean by that.  But he was communicating in this dream.   About this war.

The house was brick.  I don’t ever remember living in a brick house.

The curtains were blowing in the window.  White curtains.  No screens in the window so they were blowing outside of the window as well.

I don’t know what I ended up doing.

When I woke up I realized I had never dreamt of war before.  Thankfully.   Nor have I ever had to prepare for war before.   Thankfully.

I didn’t particularly care to have dreamt about war.  There isn’t anything pleasant about it now is there.  Of course now I worry if my dream was about some internal war.  Or fears about war in general.  Or none of the above.

I am just pretty much writing this to put my subconscious on notice:  I prefer to dream about peace thank you very much.