Today’s Gratitude

I saw a dancing coffee cup today.  And it was wonderful.   When we rolled our windows down to wave and Janet honked it was more wonderful when the dancing coffee cup got excited at our excitement and hollered and waved back.

My husband and I stepped upon one another’s feet this evening during dance class.  This was quite entertaining and not at all painful.  Bonus.

I saw  a beautiful baby boy who laughed at me, and then gurgle coo-ed at me.  That was beyond wonderful.  It filled my heart to over flowing.

I have had three green smoothies today.  Yeah.   Good stuff.   Healthy living!  And six pounds down!  Woot Woot!

I wore a paint splattered shirt after work today.  And didn’t care.  How liberating.

My daughter and family stopped in just to say hi.   How can I not be happy about this.  They love me.

My sister called to say hey and tell me I am her absolute favorite.  I may  have paraphrased this.  But I know that’s what she meant.

We are making our plans to go see Barry Manilow.  He wrote the songs you know.  Anyone who writes the music is beautiful in my world.

I just had a piece of chocolate with hot spices in it.  It woke up my adrenaline.

I got a call today to help a woman who,  yesterday, was given the news she has six months to live……

How can I not find joy in every possible moment of every day I am given.  When every moment given is to fulfill something I am suppose to experience and learn from.