Picture Of Faith

There are some things you believe in no matter what.  There are some things that happen that make you grateful for what you believe in.  Some things can happen that make you question what you believe in.  And some things you see…you see because you believe.

A few weeks ago I went with my co-worker to an elderly couple’s home.  At one point she went to another room to speak to the man of the castle while I remained in the living room with the woman of the castle.   I noticed and commented on her many family pictures.  This happens to be a perk of our job that I love.  We get to see some incredible family pictures, often times heirlooms and ancestors.  I asked for permission to see them, I have yet to have a person tell me they do not want me to look at those they love.  From her chair she gave me a running commentary on the who’s in the frames.

I made my way to the TV where numerous pictures were gathered.  My eyes were quickly drawn to the black and white, possibly sepia (?) picture on the right hand corner of the TV as I looked at it.  I bent lower to look at it and stood up and turned around to look at her.  She was looking at me, smiling.

I asked if I could pick it up.  She said yes.  She told me it was “our Lord”.  I looked at her and said “yes it is”.

I kept looking at it.  I could see the man, in what appears to be white clothing, maybe a robe, belted.  His right hand is palm up. His arms are extended out and at an angle from his body.  I can not see his left hand.  His head is in the clouds but I can see the lower part of his face.

She told me her sister took this picture with her mom’s “box camera” many years ago.  They did not know it was there until the pictures were developed.  When my co-worker returned to the room I showed it to her.   When we left the house I could not get the image out of my head.

Today my co-worker spoke to the woman of that castle again to remind her she was coming out.  WOTC told her that she had a copy of that picture for her friend.  I had already planned on going with her so now I was excited.   How thoughtful of WOTC to get the picture copied for us.  I wondered if I would feel the same way when I saw the picture again.   Would I see it?  She had told me the first time we were there that people who do not believe can not see Him.  I couldn’t imagine looking at the picture and not seeing him.  I hoped it to be as vivid in reality as it was in my memory.

We went to the home and both the man and WOTC were in the living room this time.  She gave us the picture, one for each of us.  I asked how long ago the picture was taken, her sister was 16 at the time, she is now 78.  My quick math skills told me immediately that the picture is 62 years old.  It was taken by her sister as she was on her way to Chicago.

I eagerly took my picture.

And looked.

And saw.

And believe.

The picture does not make me believe.  My belief allows me to see.

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