Time Travel

Sometimes it’s hard for me to come back to 2012 when I time travel.   But return I must.

Today I went meandering about the 1900’s with my aunt.   We had a fabulous time roaming about the world, back when it was captured in black and white (effectively robbing us of the colorful world they lived in).   But with her color commentary I could see right through that black and white veil and see the brilliance hiding within the pictures.

When I watched her talking it was like reliving the moments and meeting the people through her.

She surprised me with things to touch, things to see, things that others held in another world.

In 1902 my great grandparents got married.  This is a cookie jar that they received as a wedding gift.  Do you see my hands on it?  So were theirs.  Three generations later it rests in my hands.  And there are at least two generations past me that will also see it.  Something I notice….I suspect that cookies were not a high priority back then.  Cookie jars these days are much bigger.  Maybe the cookies themselves were just much smaller.  That cookie jar is at least 110 years old.   Inside of the jar is nestled a note that my other aunt wrote, and she has since passed, with the history of this jar.

Then I was made privy to more stories about relatives I have never met and never will.  Not while I’m here.  She showed me pictures.  Alas, we forgot to bring the scanner and I did not want to take her pictures out of her home .  So we will take the scanner next time to get pictures so they can be scanned and shared with generations for years to come.

I get so excited going back to the times I did not experience and know little about.  A time that is different than anything I have ever lived through.   A time where the people were different.  When people spent more time being with one another and the world they lived in was about existing with one another.   I find it so easy to go there, with my aunts and uncles.  I go visit this world through what they know, through the stories they were told. I see the world as they knew it.  And as I want to see it.   I look forward to the day when my grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great grandchildren….when one of them comes to me and says tell me about your parents, your brothers and sisters, what was your world like.   And I can take them to a time unknown to them.  And I can look at them and see the fascination that is so familiar to me.  And I can help someone else travel through time.   So they know about where they came from.

 Traveling through time is not impossible.  It is achievable.   If you know how and care to find out.

 I time travel  with the very best of time travel machinery.  Memory, love of family, and someone who wants to share it.  It’s the only way to travel.