Liquid Sunshine

We pulled in to the parking lot and it was raining.  My long standing thought about starting a bike ride in the rain is:  don’t.   Though I believe getting caught in the rain during a bike ride is exhilarating!

But the option today was:  start the bike ride in the rain.

Or go home and clean the house.

Fine, I will admit there was a day when I might have chosen to go home and clean the house.  Don’t judge me.  But today, I made the right choice.

You can see by the empty parking lot that everyone else went home to clean the house.  Or had to work.  You can’t really tell by the picture.  But it was, indeed, raining.  But this next picture shows you the water on the trail….

I kid I kid!   But it was rushing under the trail in a culvert.  Apparently the trail had been under water in many places.  I would have swum through holding my bike above my head today I was so determined to ride.

Funny thing is….I was there to relax.  And while relaxing, ride my bike.  So for much of the ride I would forget to take pictures.  Though I appreciated the beauty every where….I was there to ride.  I love sharing my bike riding with everyone.  And one of my life time, on going, goals is to convince as many people in my world as I can that bike riding is extremely, incredibly, life extending awesomeness!

But I managed to get a few shots.

I like the crazy of this tree.

And….do you have any idea what this next picture means?

Liquid sunshine has dispersed for the time being.

Glad the house cleaning waited another day.

We crossed many bridges, many creeks, and passed better visions than I ended up capturing with my camera.

Camera forgotten, ride enjoyed, livin’ the life.

I hope you all have a great ride today.   Whatever your “ride” be.

Enjoy the sunshine.  In whatever form it takes in your part of the world.